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My name is Roy Dainty but then you knew that before you opened this page. Have a look around and get to know me and more about my books and something of the people, places and other facets about which they revolve . Apologies to those of you with 'letterbox' screens as you will need to do some scrolling to see everything.


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I've written the book. Now I've got the T-shirt.

My first novel
I had wanted to call the novel 'SHIT'; read it and you will know just why. Unfortunately, such a title is not permitted and thus it has been titled, 'S**T' as you can see from its cover, shown alongside.


My web pages and photos feature several pictures of the personalities and places central to S**T.


Go ahead and see for yourself! The only thing is that I will not always tell you which culprit is which. Some, I've had to give pseudonyms; their wives might not like to learn of what they were like before they settled down to sobriety and family life. 

My second book


As a follow up and pan-side companion to S**T, you can now also learn about. 'The 3S's - Shave, S**t, Shower'.