I don't want to regale you with trivia, just major news, so don't expect too much gossip.

On 8th June 2023, Channel 5 filmed me for the day as President of the Carp-r-Us Angling and Social Club of Rojales. Apart from interviews in my garden, they filmed me fishing the Club's annual Pairs Cup and then afterwards as several anglers went for a bit of after match banter at Cafe Uno in Catral. Fished on two separate canals at the El Bosquet fishery, I won on my canal with 10kgs of carp and mullet. My drawn partner, Nick Bostock, came third on his canal albeit he weighed in more than me. Together we won the Pairs Cup. The programme, Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun will be shown early Autumn this year. For this series, it is concentarting on the activities exPats are enjoying in Spain.

March 2021 - Angling Times - publication of a short extract from a feature article I had submitted about angling around the Costa Blanca's Torrevieja area.

2020 proved a right off due to Covid. Fortunately, living in Spain we at least had the sunshine to raise our spirits even when under 'lock down'. Our area remained amongst the lowest incidence of Covid and, as with most people, we took all precautions to remain safe. Having got through 2020 the reduction in restrictions over the Christmas period, which extends into New Year in Spain, lead to a significant increase in cases and thus another lock down. We simply persevere.

Windows 10 Problems - since upgrading to Windows 10 I've been unable to edit this site. Now sorted by using Firefox as my web browser. Sorry, for the lull in news. Have removed so many illicit messages; anyone would think I want to go back packing in Pakistan carrying nothing but Viagra. Not in my wildest dreams. Spain is so much more fun.

August 2015

In the little spare time I've had during moving to Spain and into a new house (villa), I have been preparing a very different form of novel. One intended for self publsihing on Kindle. I have still to format it for Kindle and get the cover designed. The working title had been, 'The Coffin', which I've since switched to, 'The Missing Body'. It is a British farce set in the West Midlands and West Wales. I said it was very different as I've written it wholly as conversations, as if it were a play.

January 2015 - Ciudad Quesada


And, with the new year, came a complete life change ......... moving from the UK to Ciudad Quesada, just outside Torrevieja, Spain. This area, overlooking the salt lake of La Mata is often described as the 'healthiest' place to live within Europe. Let's hope.

Book Signing: - I've discovered a great venue for a book signing in Bristol. What do you think?

19th August 2014 - Dark Humour

I have begun writing a wholly different novel, that is it does not contain s**t in its title. It is a short story about a coffin. Yes, a coffin of all things. I've been mulling over how to approach the story for some time, making a decision only last week. It was pourring rain and I was at my laptop when ....... I began typing the synopsis and then got started. Perhaps I'll release it through this web site.

26th July 2014 - 40 Year Reunion


The participants of S**T met at Piccadilly's RAF Club to celebrate finishing their degrees just 40 years ago. More anecdotes came out as the wine flowed. Maybe I'll start telling them here.

May 2014 - Talking S**T in America. 

Tragically, my beloved straw hat has developed extra ventillation. It won't survive coming home with me.

New Year 2014



What to drink to celebrate in 2014? The answer has been kindly provided for me.


5th December 2013 - King Edward VI Alumni Dinner

An exceptionally enjoyable dinner at the Stourbridge Old Edwardian Club where I was able to relate quite a few anecdotes and, to my surprise, find that I'd been talking for about half an hour. How time flies when enjoying oneself. A great crowd and super to catch up with so many lovely people. Details and photos at:

24th September 2013

5th September 2013

Infamy. The Stourbridge News published this article on 29th August.


15th August 2013

The approved cover for The 3S's - SHAVE, S**T, SHOWER. Publication is on course for the end of September 2013.


Update 29th August - first hardcover and paperback versions received hot off the press. Impressive.

9th August 2013

The draft of The 3S's has been proofed and returned for its next stage in being published.

Wednesday, 26th June 2013
SHIT was launched
Yes, my first novel 'S**T' - or SHIT as it is pronounced was published on 26th June 2013. Please help me get the word out; help me spread the S**T. It is available in paperback (ISBN 9-781481-796200) and as an E-book (ISBN 9-781481-796224).

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Saturday, 1st June 2013 is launched
Read abstracts from S**T and learn more about me and its characters.

I don't yet have a video of my own, so in the meantime, please check out Ima Robot's 'Greenback Boogie' which is truly apt for S**T and also a great song, the theme tune from 'Suits'.