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Welcome, dear guests. This could be the beginning of a meaningful friendship, you never know! If you want to give it a shot (I almost spelled that wrong!), you have 160 characters to say something about yourself or what you think of my books etc. Become an official Muck Spreader; sign in and spread the word. To do so, add some words beneath and then paste into your Facebook links.

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  • Peter Crossland (Wednesday, February 09 22 09:52 pm GMT)

    Glad to see you still making fun of the world. Currently retired in Atenas, Costa Rica.

  • Jef Proudfoot (Monday, May 25 20 07:21 pm BST)

    Did I say a Mr. P. Green in one of the photos?

  • Allyn Thompson (Tuesday, March 06 18 04:29 pm GMT)

    Hi Roy enjoyed your first delve in to the book world very much.

  • Iain Gray (Jock) (Sunday, July 09 17 12:20 am BST)

    I attended King Edwards 1967 to 1970. I'm in your photo of 3rd XV. Knew your brother Phil well too from youth club. I remember you well Roy

  • Chris Isitt (Thursday, July 16 15 08:12 pm BST)

    Hi Roy. Was at K Eds and City U with you. Graduated in Fluid Dynamics & Statistical Probability (Beer & Cards) About to order S**t.

  • Steve Fell (Wednesday, April 08 15 08:22 pm BST)

    Hi Roy
    I'm the guy you sat behind on the wall last week. I notice you went to KEGS, so did I but I went to Aston. I was born in Aston, opposite the Osbourne family, reading about you we may have more than a
    few tales to swap.

  • Steve Fell (Wednesday, April 08 15 01:41 pm BST)

    Hi Roy, I'm the chap you sat on the wall behind at the fishing last week. Looking forward to seeing you on future days out. BTW I went to KEGS too, but the one in Aston where I was born in the house
    opposite the Osbourne family.

  • rammohan (Friday, August 16 13 11:41 pm BST)

    Dear Roy,

    Warm greetings to you.

    It's nice to see that you have opened a website.

    Looking forward to read your book

    All the best wishes

  • Mary (Sunday, August 11 13 03:45 am BST)

    Hi Roy
    Loved the book. Lots of s**t and nearly as much p**s! Great reading what you guys got up to. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Harmeet Ruprai (Friday, July 19 13 11:06 am BST)

    Looking forward to reading your book!

  • Glen Vaal (Friday, June 28 13 03:46 pm BST)

    Hi Roy - Facebook clearly not good enough - you've created your own! All now revealed....Maverick to the core :-). Hero!
    Super video (Greenback Boogie)and all the very best for SHIT!

  • Les. Smith (Thursday, June 27 13 12:34 pm BST)

    Great site good reading and information

  • maggi hopkins (Thursday, June 27 13 10:46 am BST)

    Hi Roy

    Looking forward to reading S**t
    sound like you are having fun!!!

  • Gary (Wednesday, June 26 13 08:08 am BST)

    I thought that when you said you wrote a book called sh**t you were taking the p**s. you weren't,. Godd luck Roy.

  • dick (Wednesday, June 26 13 05:17 am BST)

    I dread to think what Sue will make of it!
    Never mind, dun the crime, do the punishment!
    Hope it goes well.

  • Brian Price (Tuesday, June 25 13 07:13 pm BST)

    44 years with no contact and now I can't get rid of you! Nice to be back in touch. Good luck with s**t - we all suffer from it.

  • Ron Parker (Monday, June 10 13 03:43 pm BST)

    Wishing you well with your new career. They say where there's muck (shit) there's money! I'm grateful to be one of your followers and admirers. Ron

  • Mary Bonner (Monday, June 03 13 12:18 pm BST)

    Hi Roy. just having a snoop - is this the start of a meaningful friendship? Mary x

  • Vanessa (Monday, June 03 13 07:46 am BST)

    Cant wait for s**t to be published, keep us posted on your journey ;-)

  • Barry Murphy (Thursday, May 30 13 09:22 am BST)

    A website that made me laugh and not a single newspeak cliché to be found. Well done Roy. I especially like the band content. good luck Barry