Chapter 17 - a normal Saturday night in the Hall Of Residence



‘Eventually, and with considerable relief to us, Janet said she’d finished being sick. She was wide awake though still very drunk, only just capable of standing up with our  support. We backed her away from the sink and towards the bed. She was sufficiently awake to know she’d got vomit over herself.


‘Help me get thish off,’ indicating her T-shirt.


‘Hands up and we’ll pull it over your head.’


I moved to her front taking hold round her waist to steady her, praying she would not choose this moment to restart vomiting. Dick moved behind her. With her arms in the
air, and facing her back, Dick grabbed the hem of the T-Shirt and in a single move pulled it upwards, over her head and off, throwing it inside-out beneath the sink. I stared. I could not help myself. I stared in disbelief. She started to giggle again. She wasn’t wearing a bra. There, confronting me was not a pair of tits as I knew them but two bloody great melons. I’d never seen any so large nor even half that size. She was enormous.


‘Bloody hell, Janet? Where did you grow those?’


Dick came from behind her, letting her fall backwards onto the bed. As she did so, her breasts took on independent lives bouncing around like water filled balloons, not
wanting to settle into steady state. Her eyes shut returning to sleep as she hit the bed.


Dick gawked. I’d stopped. The stench of before suddenly increased in power. It wasn’t coming from the sink! It wasn’t vomit. I knew what that smell was. Where? How? Shit!


I looked down towards the floor. The answer stared up at me. There planted on …………………………………..’