Chapter 1 - the story begins

ON SITE, In The Shit


‘Shit, gallon upon gallon of the disgusting stuff. Not the single private turd that might be peered at in wonderment and personal satisfaction. Not even the daily bucketful
ready to be emptied from a portable Elsan but thousands of gallons of raw human
excrement, acidic-brown liquid shit, flying past at over 20 miles an hour. Gallons of shit with occasional fins of unidentifiable glutinously coated objects that project briefly through the turbulent surface before submerging again beneath its ever-rushing torrent, all flying along with single purpose and single direction like sharks to the kill. Shit without flies, nothing live crawls here, or at least not yet!’ ………………..





A couple of pages later:


‘Close it up and make good,’ I pronounced, ‘Well done, Trev.’


I began to turn away. As I did so, a silent, ‘No!’ went through my brain. I sensed the edge of the hole begin to give way. Gravel and soil cascaded down, the rubber sole of my wellington boot  slipped against the surface grass. I made to back away.


‘Help!’ A stretched and high-pitched shout of abject terror broke the tranquillity.


Adrenalin surged through me. Everything went into slow motion. My senses were alert to everything yet I was unable to do anything. The inevitable was happening. Down, down and into ...... into the shit. There was nothing I could do to prevent the fall; I was helpless to it.


As I’d begun to turn away, .......................