Photos for The 3S's

Here are a few bits and pieces about some of the anecdotes in 'The 3S's - Shave, Shit, Shower'.

Porky's Moustache

SHAVE, the first S of the 3S's, includes a story, 'Porky's Moustache', that takes place in Asillah on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, some 50 miles south of Tangier. A great holiday at Camp Africa in the Summer of 1975, long before the Club 18-20 holidays began. This photo shows several of us enjoing an evening meal at a restaurant overlooking the sea. That's me at the head of the table, with Steve (Porky), second from left, then the bearded Geoff. He and Steve had begun growing whiskers at the same time; notice how well Steve's had grown!

The Venice Simplon Orient Express

In SHAVE I relate the dangerous experience of doing so on the VSOE (Venice Simplon Orient Express). For anyone who has seen programmes on the VSOE, you will almost certainly have seen Rupert the smiling face of the company and the manager of our carriage; this photograph was taken on the platform at Innsbruck as we changed engines for an Italian one..

My Extension

In SHIT, my second S, I include problems that I had when building a kitchen extension to our first home back in 1989. I performed most of the building works myself, including digging out and laying the foundations which, as the story relates, necessitated linking into the local sewer system. That is why sensible people hire builders and don't DIY their extensions. Having been a civil engineer, of course I knew it all ................ More photos are available on the side link.

Sweaty Socks

In my third S, SHOWER, I recall an unfortunate event in Finsbury Hall of Residence which left me tethered with dirty, sweaty football socks. When you read that anecdote, you will understand why, maybe you will even be grateful, that I don't have a photograph of it. And, I hope nor does anyone else! So, instead here I include a photo of Porky, who unable to grow a moutsache, did have a taste for socks. At least I haven't any of him streaking.