Can't sing, can't play, but one hell of a good time was had.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to see many of the World's top bands. For a short, and hard lived period, I actually got to meet quite a few first hand as a member of the Student Union Entertainment Committee at The City University, London. In fact I was its first Sabbatical Social Secretary between August 1974 and July 1975. Apart from staging around one hundred acts, I had my name on the door regularly at the Marquee, the 100 Club, the Roundhouse and other venues so that I might check out emerging acts and, if the price was right, book them. I have had tinnitus ever since! But, has that stopped me seeing bands? No way.


Getting onto the Entertainments Committee - door duty, stage management, lighting, lugging band gear, locking up the venue, etc. - was a natural decision for me as at home in Stourbridge, with other friends, I'd been involved in arranging discos and rock concerts (usually with a licensed bar even though we were for the main still aged under eighteen). I couldn't sing nor play any instrument. This was the closest I could get to the business. As you will discover when you read the 3S's, one of the kids I knew at grammar school went on to front the World's biggest rock band. I've an anecdote about him that has never before been published.


To learn which bands we had at City during the glory years of 1972 t0 75, check out the links opposite. Also, which bands do I reckon were the best I ever saw, and which the worst.