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With so many acts having appeared during 1973 - 1975 period, I have not been able to recall each and every one of them, only about 90. So, I have split those that I do remember over 3 separate web pages. Those with an asterisk (*) are mentioned in S**T. Those with two (**) in the 3S's. A few are mentioned in both. If any one act represented the spirit of City, then it was Shakin Steven's & the Sunsets. We booked them pretty well every term; always an absolute sell out. The last time they played at City was Autumn 1975 as the support act to Bill Haley & the Comets. What a concert that was.

Genesis (feat. Peter Gabriel)

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Gonzalez (2 times)

Stefan Grossman

Hackensack (2 times)

Josh Hanna

Tim Hardin (with Tim Rose)

Roy Harper

Tim Hart & Maddy Prior


The Houseshakers (3 times)

Jackson Heights

Paul Jones

Jo Jo Gunne

Judas Priest

Jungle Pilot Requiem All Stars (feat. Chris Welch and Ian Gillan)

Jonathan Kelly

Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance

Mr. Big

Mr. Fox

Man (feat. Deke Lenard)


George Melly

Mungo Jerry

Noel Murphy (2 times)


the Noys Band