Bands O - Zzebra

With so many acts having appeared during 1973 - 1975 period, I have not been able to recall each and every one of them, only about 90. So, I have split those that I do remember over 3 separate web pages. Those with an asterisk (*) are mentioned in S**T. Those with two (**) in the 3S's. A few are mentioned in both. If any one act represented the spirit of City, then it was Shakin Steven's & the Sunsets. We booked them pretty well every term; always an absolute sell out. The last time they played at City was Autumn 1975 as the support act to Bill Haley & the Comets. What a concert that was.

Don Partridge

John Peel (disco)


Principal Edwards

Tom Robinson Band

Paul Roger’s Peace

Tim Rose (with Tim Hardin)

Roxy Music (Eno, Ferry, etc) *

Brigit St. John

Sam Apple Pie



Steelye Span

Shakin’ Stevens & the Sunsets (many times) *

Al Stewart

String Driven Thing (with guest Phil Lynott **)**

Tea & Symphony

Jake Thackray

Third Ear Band

Thunderclap’s Incomparables (feat. Andy ‘Thunderclap’



Walrus (2 times)

Wiz Jones

The Yetties